Scholarships possibiities

Below is a list of possible scholarships.

- Bourse d'Excellence UBFC: the University can provide a limited number of this type of scholarship. The candidate must have a very good academic track to get chance to be selected as recipient of this. The list of candidatures to this scholarship is sent to the University by the teaching committee of the GREEM master.

- Bourse de mobilité UBFC: this scholarship is to allow a student to spend some months abroad for academic or for internship mobility. Similarly to the above Bourse d'Excellellence, this one is also based on certain criteria. The teaching committee of the GREEM master sends to the University a list of pre-selected candidatures for this scholarship.

- Campusfrance scholarships: a candidate outside France and of whom the country has a campusfrance department can contact this latter to have more information. Let us know the intention.

- Scholarships from the country: in some countries, there is sometimes a possibility to ask for scholarships from the government (for e.g.: CONACYT in Mexico, CONICYT in Chili, CSC in China,...). Feel free to explore these possibilities as well.


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