June, 2018: Visiting the Centro de Investigaciones en Optica in Leon (Mexico) and dual-degree agreement signature.

Micky Rakotondrabe went to Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) in Leon (Mexico) in order to finalize the dual-degree agreement relative to the GREEM international master and between the CIO and the UBFC. The CIO has signed the agreement and Micky Rakotondrabe brought the signed document in France for signature by the UBFC and by the UFC. He also gave a seminar on introduction to the feedforward control of mechatronic systems.

During this trip, Micky Rakotondrabe attended as well the American Control Conference (Milwaukee MI USA) where he met colleagues with whom he collaborates in research. The GREEM international master was among the centers of discussions with them. As outcome, it is expected that internships exchanges start in 2019 by sending at Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) GREEM students for some months for internhips.

Photo session after the CIO-side signature of the dual-degree agreement.

Photo session.

April 16-20, 2018: Visiting the Université de Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon and reinforcing collaboration.

Micky Rakotondrabe visited the Laboratory of Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, Biomimetics and Prototypes (LAMSEBP) of the Université de Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon. The LAMSEBP was founded and is directed by Professor Paul Woafo, who is the president of the Cameroon physical Society.

During his visiting, Micky Rakotondrabe gave two seminars: a seminar on the GREEM international master with introduction on feedforward control of mechatronic systems, and a seminar on piezoelectric mechatronic systems: development, design methodologies, modeling, control, sensing, energy harvesting. The visiting aimed also to discuss on future collaboration in term of both teaching and research.

First seminar with the students on Physics and students on Mechatronics at the Université de Yaoundé 1.

Photos with the students and Professor Paul Woafo.

Photos with the students, Professor Paul Woafo and Dr Nana Nbendjo (right).

December 17-23, 2017: Launching a collaboration with the DKUT, Nyeri Kenya.

Micky Rakotondrabe visited the DKUT University based in Nyeri (Kenya) where he presented the GREEM international master and gave a seminar on feedforward control of mechatronic systems to master students.

The visiting was very successful: meeting the vice-Chancellor of DKUT, agreement to launch a dual-degree between DKUT and UBFC through this GREEM international master, possibility of pursuing in phd for the involved students, visiting KENGEN company (geothermal producer of Kenya) where former students of DKUT work, meeting the campusfrance of the French embassy...

Seel also the article "the future is green": HERE.

Meeting with the vice-chancellor (middle right), Professor Jean Bosco (the head of the SIEMENS program, left), and the dean of the school of engineering (right), all of the DKUT.

Agreement to launch a dual-degree program between DKUT and UBFC within this GREEM international master.

Visiting the KENGEN company (geothermal energy producer of Kenya).

Meeting with Mr Antoine Voisin, campusfrance, French embassy in Kenya.

December 11-14, 2017: Labs at ENILBIO in Poligny

GREEM students do the labs on Technologies for control at ENILBIO school in Poligny city. A bus picks up the students in front of the UFR-ST/UFC on Monday the 11th of December and drop them to Poligny. The same bus picks up them at Poligny on Thursday the 14th. They are housed at ENILBIO during the 4-days labs.

November 16, 2017: visiting of the AS2M department of FEMTO-ST institute

GREEM students visit the Automatic control and MicroMechatronic Systems (AS2M) department of the FEMTO-ST research institute.

November 14, 2017: The COBOTICS day

The GREEM students attend the COBOTICS day organized by the S.Mart institute.

October 20-27, 2017: presentation of the GREEM master at the UANL University in Mexico

Micky Rakotondrabe, head of the GREEM master, was invited by the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) (Monterrey Mexico) to present this master during the one-week celebration of the 70th anniversary of the The Facultad de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica (FIME).

October 17, 2017: ceremony to officially start the year for UBFC international masters in Besançon

The official ceremony of year start for the international masters of UBFC located in Besançon takes place on October 17.

September 4, 2017: official start of the year for the Master-1 of GREEM

The Master-1 (M1) of the international master on control for green mechatronics (GREEM) starts the year on September 4, 2017. This is the first class of this new and high-quality educational training of the UBFC.

Time: 15h30
Place: room 201B,
UFR-ST of the UFC
16, Route de Gray
Campus "La Bouloie"
25030 Besançon cedex - France.

Prior to September, 2017: promotion of the GREEM master program

A series of presentation of the GREEM international master was given in various Universities and partners abroad by Micky Rakotondrabe, head of this program, and also by an UBFC team. The Universities and partners include: CIO (Leon, Mexico), UANL (Monterrey, Mexico), UNI (Lima, Peru), SIEMENS (Nuremberg, Germany)...


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